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Jacquie is an Alberta born Metis Artist living in Nova Scotia. She believes art gives everyone a voice, a way to express themselves and release anxieties so she hopes to bring the joy of art to others.   She has an undergrad degree from NSCAD University as well as a degree in Psychology. She worked several years in mental health research with several scholarly articles published in mental health literacy among youth.  She believes Art and Psychology go hand in hand and is now focused on the therapeutic value of the creative arts. As an established professional artist her current work is focused on her Metis Roots and the clouds as a symbolic message to live in the moment and is available at Made in the Maritimes as well as her online shop and various galleries. Check out her artist 

Both my boys are amazing little artists - art empowers everyone and they are the inspiration behind this business!  

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Grace has been involved in art as a therapeutic tool in her own life for the past 8 years. She has dedicated herself to learning and utilizing paints as a way to connect with the natural environment, emotion, and community. Grace has been instructing in a variety of different forms from lifesaving to outdoor education over the course of her career and continues to enjoy teaching art with Creative Crew Art Parties. She will be returning to school this fall to Dalhousie to finish her degree in Sociology and Sustainability. In her free time, Grace spends time with her two year old son, hiking, playing ukelele and writing poetry. She has recently begun creating programming geared towards parents and tots to connect participants with the community and nature (KINDERgarden –

Artist/Teacher: Jill Rahhali

Artist/Teacher: Grace Kiley

Since 2014 we've been providing full mobile painting party nites all over HRM Nova Scotia.
We are more than an entertainment service. To us art is meaningful and we believe in empowering others through art. We are teachers and artists who provide lots of hands on support throughout our entire painting process.  We enjoy teaching you new techniques while focusing on therapeutic values painting can provide for people of all ages. 

No experience necessary!  We come to you with all the art supplies provided and fully guided step by step painting instruction so you can relax and have a great time!  

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Owner/Artist: Jacquie Boucher

Jill has enjoyed art for as long as she can remember and tries to include it as often as possible into her daily activities. She especially loves taking something that has no value or meaning and transforming into a special, personalized piece full of life, colour and if appropriate, glitter. By profession, Jill is a school teacher, but also maintains various part-time jobs using her artistic skills, such as face painting, mural making, creating personalized gifts and most recently, joining the team with Creative Crew. In the past she was also hired by HRM to design and paint a traffic box to reflect the community she grew up in. In her free time, aside from painting, Jill enjoys the outdoors, seeing new places and spending time with her husband and two little girls.​ Check out her page and maybe order a personalized artwork/gift

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