Art is meaningful to us & that means we like to give back!  
Let us help you raise funds for your charity or special cause and we'll make it a great night!  We have a few fundraising options we'd love to discuss with you! 
Please Contact us so we can get started planning!  

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Mobile Painting Party Nite Halifax Nova Scotia Creative Crew Art Parties

Note we are no longer offering online ticket sales. We have simplified the process so you get more $ towards your cause.

We create the tickets and you sell them. Here's how it works:

1. Costs:  We charge you our nonprofit rate of $20 each person and expect our total payment at the party. Then you decide how much you want to sell your own tickets for.  We suggest $40 - no tax and u receive $20 from each ticket sold. However, if u think your guests would pay more ... ie $45 then u receive $25 from each ticket sold.

2. Painting choice:  We have a selection of paintings on the website, but if there is a party theme or something that represents the charity best we can come up with a new painting to meet that need/interest at a small fee of $25.

3. Ticket sales: You know your supporters best so you sell your own tickets and collect funds from your own guests.  We can provide tickets for you to print off and sell for your fundraiser if you like but will not be posting ticket sales online or handling any of the guest list. We will be happy to create posters and ads for you to use as well.

4. How do you get paid:  You collected the funds from your guests who purchased tickets from you.

5. Booking a date:  We book up usually 2-3 months in advance but if u have a particular date in mind we will do our best to make anything work. We come to you with everything supplied. 

6. Booking a location: We recommend a few restaurants we have partnered with such as Doolys Bedford and Sackville. If you're looking for a different part of HRM we recommend  Palladium Family Restaurant or Wingin 'It (Cole Harbor), Staggers Pub & Grub (Dartmouth) or Doolittles Bar & Grill (Dartmouth) or  Freemans (Fairview/Sackville/Quinpool) If you would like to rent a hall we will leave that up to you and we will come to your location. If u have a preferred favorite restaurant we will contact that restaurant and see if they can accommodate us. f you are further than 30 kms from HRM we charge a travel fee to be discussed depending how far and how many of our staff would have to attend.

7. Deposit:  Waiving deposits for fundraisers to make the process easier for you.

8. How many ppl can we accommodate? ​We require an absolute min of 15 ppl for private fundraisers which must be met 7 days before the event. The max we can handle is 60 ppl. Filling these seats is responsibility of the client. (Most restaurants can accommodate a max of 50 ppl.)  If min # of guests 15 are not met one week prior to the event the event will be cancelled. In the event of cancellation it is your responsibility to notify your own guests and refund them.

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